FERPUIG SL through the brand KloBe is dedicated to the distribution of lighting and decoration products made of brass, being specialists in classic style lighting.

Our main ally and part of KloBe project is Ramon Lozano SL, casting of non-ferrous metals with decades of experience in the lighting industry.

Under the name KloBel Classic, we develop classic style lighting, with a design which seeks to emulate the luxury of past times, with a clear influence of the artistic and decoration styles typical from Spain and Southern Europe.

In 2014, and with the intention of provide more value to our clients, born two new projects: KloBe Style and KloBe Home.

At KloBe Home, we offer decorative complements for the house, which combines perfectly with our lighting products. This project born with the intention of offering a variety of decoration and lighting solutions more adapted to the needs of our clients.

With KloBe Style, we want to expand our lighting catalog introducing more contemporary styles, without neglecting the quality of materials, designs and artistic finishes.

With the name KloBe Contract, we maintain our services related with special projects, which can range from lighting of a hotel to  a custom design lamp.

Our mission is to bring  pieces of traditional lighting with large doses of artistic design closer to your home, offering products which are able to dwell in our homes and hearts during generations.